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Sag Awards Focus On Honors Not Contract Debate

The civil war in the bubbling SAG Awards a few weeks ago when an anonymous e-mail was sent by board member Frances Fisher suggesting that voters might punish guild nominated actors who have publicly supported the anti-strike-authorization vote movement will not vote for them. These names included Michael C. Hall, Josh Brolin, Steve Carell and Susan Sarandon..
30.1.09 08:10

Pierce Brosnan Persuaded Susan Sarandon To Take Movie Role

Actress Susan Sarandon was reluctant to appear in the new film The Greatest - until co-star Pierce Brosnan persuaded to take on the role of an unexpected phone call. The Oscar-winner admits was hesitant to appear in the film, until the writer and directer Shana Feste James Bond assumed the former star to play her husband..
30.1.09 08:10

The Move On Defense Of George W Bush

John Barry, wrote what I will call the pass the defense of the Bush administration this week Newsweek.The idea is that it is quite clear that the Bush administration has violated the law in several cases, but since we know already present and his party has already lost the election, let just go already
30.1.09 08:10

David Beckham Scores His First Goal For Ac Milan

Beckham scored his first goal after accession to Milan on loan the 60th minute after being put in an area of Alexandre Pato. David Beckham scored his first goal in Italy yesterday in AC Milan 4-1 win over Bologna as Kaka added two more to keep the team in contact with Juventus and Inter Milan. David Beckham You can make the transition from Los Angeles to Milan - where this spring or autumn - the turning point might have come to Bologna on Sunday..
30.1.09 08:10

Making A Diamond Out Of Cole Cheryl Quot Changing Style

We know hallowed space, normally reserved for the world top top elegant and most women. This issue, which hits newsstands on Thursday, with a player wife and member girlband most familiar with fake tan and false eyelashes to haute couture. Cheryl Cole was the celebrity success story of 2008. A cloud of chocolate brown hair extensions half fills the cover of February edition of British Vogue. The 25-year-old member of Girls Aloud dropped from the national-estate princess in love when a single tear trickled made his cheeks perfectly-up after a particularly harrowing told a sub-story during the first hearing for The X Factor.
30.1.09 08:10

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